Marching Through March

Greetings. We are 23 days from Opening Day. Hard to believe. It’s exciting to think about, but there’s still a lot of work to be done. Both the front office and maintenance crews have been working extremely hard to get everything in order.

So What’s New?

Probably the biggest noticeable difference at Chickasaw Bricktown Ballpark are the new exterior signs. We recently installed some beautiful, high-tech LED signs proudly affixing the stadium’s name.  Take a look:

Ticket Window

Mantle Gate

Bench GateI would say my favorite though is the stadium name placed atop the LED board in left field. Unfortunately the electrical circuits aren’t fully installed yet, so it can’t light up, but it will in the near future.

LED Board

There will also be a lot of new interior signage with cleaner looks and clearer direction of where things are. The sound system is also getting a big upgrade, and crews have been installing new speakers all around the seats and concourse.

Another big project–although not sexy, but necessary–has been replacing the stairs to the upper levels of the stadium. I think it’s things like that most people don’t realize goes into maintaining a facility like this.

Stairway to heaven...aka the press box

Stairway to heaven…aka the press box

Other new highlights include some new food options, but we’ll dig into that in the next post.

Anthem Auditions

On Saturday, March 2, around 200 local performers attended the 2013 The Oklahoman/Oklahoma City RedHawks National Anthem Tryouts at Penn Square Mall. The turnout was awesome, and the performances were great.




Ruby Anthem

Ruby gives it her best shot

Clyde The Slide

Not to be confused with Clyde “The Glide” Drexler, it’s Clyde “The Slide”

With so many talented people, you can count on hearing a great rendition of the National Anthem every night throughout the season. The grand prize winner, who will perform on Opening Night, will be announced in the near future.

Baseball’s Back in Bricktown

The first baseball games of 2013 were held at Chickasaw Bricktown Ballpark this past weekend as part of the of the Majestic Roofing High School Baseball Series. This year’s schedule features a record-number 28 games throughout March and early April. Click here for a full schedule. The best part is all games are free to attend! Select games will also be broadcast through and on the IHeartRadio mobile app by yours truly, including Thursday’s contest between Yukon and Putnam City North at 7 p.m.

Calument and Destiny Christian duke it out during the Majestic Roofing High School Baseball Series

Calumet and Destiny Christian duke it out during the Majestic Roofing High School Baseball Series

I recently had a chance to appear on the “Mayor’s Magazine” with Mayor Mick Cornett to discuss the high school baseball games as well the upcoming RedHawks season. My segment begins at 10:15. Warning: I say “as well” a lot.

So Who’s Gonna Play Here?

This is a question I get asked fairly frequently. It’s hard to answer that in any given year, but it’s especially tough this year since so many spots are open for competition with the Astros. I also don’t like to speculate publicly because I am not a decision-maker and can’t say anything definitively. As is the case during the season, you can easily drive yourself crazy trying to figure out what those in charge will ultimately do. When more guys in big league camp are assigned to minor league camp, we’ll start to have a better idea.

I’ll say the same thing here I’ve said to those who have asked what I think the team will be like: I truly believe there will be a very talented team here in OKC, but I also believe it’s going to be a young team for a Triple-A squad. Without getting into specifics, I was thinking about the pitching staff that will probably be assigned here to start the season, and it has me downright giddy.

Strength In Numbers

I ended my last post by jokingly saying only three people read this blog. I had a few people contact me to say they must be the “fourth” reader. So now I can present this:

"Four! Four people read this blog! Ha ha ha!"

“Four! Four people read this blog! Ha ha ha!”

Thanks for reading.


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